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Rent an indoor cycling bike

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The aim of the workout is strength and cardio training, as well as fat loss. The workouts are usually accompanied by several levels and rhythmic music. During the workouts, you can use the speed and direction of progression settings to control your difficulty level. The key is a regular and gradual increase, which will help you achieve workout efficiency and avoid injury.


You can train at your own time and pace without feeling uncomfortable.

Personalised training

You can set your workout based on your preferences and track your progress.


You can train in a comfortable environment without leaving home.

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Warming top
Made of good quality and breathable material. Ideal for active lifestyles and sports.
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A comfortable T-shirt made of quality fabric, which is a good choice for sports and everyday wear.
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You can get a personalised diet to help you lose weight and improve your health.


Suggested recreational activities to help improve physical and mental well-being.

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You can get a personalised training plan to help you achieve your training goals.

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HUF 9900 Monthly subscription
  • Sample trends
  • Online health check
  • Outcome specific package
  • Spinner rental price 15.000 Ft/month - minimum rental 3 months
For beginners


HUF 14900 Monthly subscription
  • Everything that the BRONZ package
  • Monthly online consultation
  • Meal plan with sample diet
  • Personalised training plan
  • Bringa setup, basic training
  • 10% webshop discount
  • Spinner rental price 15.000 Ft/month - minimum rental 3 months
For advanced learners


HUF 24900 Monthly subscription
  • Everything you need from the SILVER package
  • Free rental bike service
  • Coach and dietician help
  • Private enquiry facility
  • 1 HCH canteen
  • 1 small HCH towel
  • The package also includes Spinner rental.
For professionals

Hch Coaches!

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Károly Bartucz

Medárd Dudás

Orsolya Palkó

Tamás Sörösi

Eszter Tuboly

Media appearance

M4 - leisure magazine

Blog articles

tips for your fitness

Károly Bartucz

I am Karesz, owner of Home Cycling Hungary. As an experienced and dedicated sportsman, I have been actively involved in sports for more than 15 years. My passion for road cycling as a hobby. Since then, I have also been involved in the promotion and education of cycling.

For me, cycling is much more than a sport - it's a way of life that gives me a sense of freedom. Over the years, I've trained myself to always be the best I can be.

In the last almost 8 years, my life has taken a new direction and as a trainer, I am passing on to others the feeling of joy that cycling brings me. In my classes, I try to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy the movement, explore their own limits and grow. Empathy and motivation are important, which means I always try to support, inspire and empower my guests.

As a cycling coach, I also want to set an example, as cycling and a healthy lifestyle are an integral part of my life. I believe that my perseverance, dedication and passion for cycling can be an inspiring example to both athletes and those who are just learning about this wonderful sport.

Medárd Dudás

I am Medárd Dudás, I graduated from the Fitness Academy in 2019 as a certified sports instructor.

Initially, I tried several sports - Spartan Race, kayak canoeing, volleyball - which presented many challenges. However, the really big change came when I got into the world of Street Workout (Calisthenics). I was simply mesmerised by the seemingly impossible strength elements, performed with effortless ease. Over the years, I participated in several competitions to gain more motivation and knowledge. In addition, I take every opportunity to continue to improve myself and to give my clients the most accurate knowledge possible to progress quickly and without injury.

Orsolya Palkó

Physical education teacher, basketball coach, head of public education, lifestyle and nutrition counsellor, nutritional supplement advisor, strength coach, sports organiser, manager.

Sport has been in my life since I was seven. I went to primary and secondary school for physical education and then graduated from the University of Physical Education. I became a certified athlete and then a certified basketball player.

Movement has always been important to me. Since 2015, I started going on road and cross-country runs. I also constantly encourage children and adults to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle part of their lives.

I write sports-related articles, help with training, nutrition and supplementation. I want to help more athletes, students, parents, coaches and leaders if they feel stuck somewhere.

Tamás Sörösi

My philosophy: to bring the joy of movement to as many people as possible. To help as many people as possible to start on the path to a healthy life.

This is supported by a team of experts.

I have been working as a personal trainer since 2000, my passion is my profession.

In my work, I consider it important to make personal training an experience, and I listen to my clients' feedback to achieve better results. I continually educate myself professionally to incorporate the latest research into my work.

Qualifications:Fitness Company personal trainer qualification

Certification: member of the Hungarian Coaches Association

References:Andrea Vörös Hungarian Champion powerlifting

Eszter Tuboly

Hi, I'm Eszter, Indoor Cycling instructor. I discovered Indoor Cycling 3 years ago and after the first session I was hooked and it became part of my life. After a few hundred hours of riding, I decided to get on a training bike to pass on my love for the sport to others. Whether it's for weight loss, general fitness improvement, or if you just want to release some pent up tension from the day, my Indoor Cycling classes are sure to have you covered! With a motivating community and a variety of music, each class will be a great opportunity to push your limits and experience the amazing transformation that is taking place in your body!